The s hort ans wer is abs olutely s ays mahadevan

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Unformatted text preview: t s uch an unders tanding provide ins piration for ways to power artificial nano-s ized devices in the future? “The s hort ans wer is abs olutely,â€​ s ays Mahadevan. “Biology has had a lot m ore tim e to evolve enorm ous richnes s in des ign for different organis m s . Hopefully, s tudying thes e s tructures will not only im prove our unders tanding of the biological world, it will als o enable us to copy them , take apart their com ponents and re-create them for other purpos es .â€​ 26. According to the author, res earch on the power s ource of m ovem ent in cells can contribute to a . C o n tro l o ve r th e mo ve me n t o f g e n e s w ith in h u ma n s ys te ms . b . Th e u n d e rs ta n d in g o f n a n o te ch n o lo g y. c. Arre s tin g th e g ro w th o f ca n ce r in a h u ma n b e in g . d . Th e d e ve lo p me n t o f cu re s fo r a va rie ty o f d is e a s e s . e .No t Atte mp te d 27. The author has us ed s everal analogies to illus trate his argum ents in the article. Which of...
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