Their beliefs and values are rooted to the concrete

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Unformatted text preview: the view of s eparate s pheres . They object to the notion of the hom e being the 'wom en's s phere'. Wom en's reproductive and fam ily roles are s een as potential barriers to full equality. Motherhood is s een as a voluntary, not a m andatory or 'natural' role. In s um m arizing her findings , Luker believes that wom en becom e activis ts in either of the two m ovem ents as the end res ult of lives that center around different conceptualizations of m otherhood. Their beliefs and values are rooted to the concrete circum s tances of their lives , their educations , incom es , occupations , and the different m arital and fam ily choices that they have m ade. They repres ent two different world views of wom en's roles in contem porary s ociey and as s uch the abortion is s ues repres ents the battleground for the jus tification of their res pective views . 40. According to your unders tanding of the author’s argum ents which countries are m ore likely to allow abortion? a . In d ia a n...
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