They s tres s phys ical and m ental health reas ons

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Unformatted text preview: , s hould have the right to decide whether and under what circum s tances they will bear children. Pro-choicers are of the opinion that laws will not prevent wom en from having abortions and cite the horror s tories of the pas t when m any wom en died at the hands of 'backroom ' abortionis ts and in des perate attem pts to s elfabort. They als o obs erve that legalized abortion is es pecially im portant for rape victim s and inces t victim s who becam e pregnant. They s tres s phys ical and m ental health reas ons why wom en s hould not have unwanted children. To get a better unders tanding of the current abortion controvers y, let us exam ine a very im portant work by Kris tin Luker titled Abortion and the Politics of Motherhood. Luker argues that fem ale pro-choice and pro-life activis ts hold different world views regarding gender, s ex, and the m eaning of parenthood. Moral pos itions on abortions are s een to be tied intim ately to views on s exual behaviour, the care of children, fam ily life, technology, and the im portance of the individual. Luker identifies 'pro-choice' wom en as educated, affluent, and liberal. Thei...
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