When thes e countries are perceived to be

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Unformatted text preview: s m anifes t in Is lam ic fundam entalis m , traditionalis t Hindu practice, orthodox Judais m , and Rom an Catholicis m , has been an im portant his torical contributory factor for this and continues to be an im portant pres ence in contem porary s ocieties . In recent tim es , governm ents , us ually controlled by m en, have 'given' wom en the right to contraceptive us e and abortion acces s when their countries were perceived to have an overpopulation problem . When thes e countries are perceived to be underpopulated, that right has been abs ent. Until the nineteenth century, a wom an's rights to an abortion followed Englis h com m on law; it could only be legally challenged if there was a 'quickening', when the firs t m ovem ents of the foetus could be felt. In 1800, drugs to induce abortions were widely advertis ed in local news papers . By 1900, abortion was banned in every s tate except to s ave the life of the m other. The change was s trongly influenced by the m edical profes s ion, which focus s ed its cam paign os tens ibly on...
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