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Unformatted text preview: ort a tte nde d the ra lly .. (3 ) The y se rv e te a of a sort on the se tra ins. (4 ) Le t's sort the se boy s into four groups. c. 3 d. 4 e .No t Atte mp te d a. 1 b. 2 c. 3 d. 4 e .No t Atte mp te d DIRECTIONS for 1uestion number 46 to 50 : There are two gaps in each of the following s entences . From the pairs of words given, choos e the one that fills the gaps m os t appropriately. The firs t word in the pair s hould fill the firs t gap. 46.The Britis h retailer, M&S, today form ally ..... defeat in its attem pt to ..... King's , its US s ubs idiary, s ince no potential purchas ers were ready to cough up the neces s ary cas h. a . a d mitte d , a cq u ire b . co n ce d e d , o fflo a d c. a n n o u n ce d , d is p o s e d . ra tifie d , a u ctio n e .No t Atte mp te d 47. Early ..... of m aladjus tm ent to college culture is ..... by the tendency to develop friends hip networks outs ide college which m as k s ignals of m aladjus tm ent. a . tre a tme n t, co mp o u n d e d b ....
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