6 percent of indian gros s national product in the

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Unformatted text preview: s National Product in the 19th century. But land revenue was m ore or les s fixed by the Raj in abs olute term s , and s o its real value dim inis hed rapidly with inflation in the 20th century. By World War II, India had ceas ed to be a profit centre for the Britis h Em pire. His torically, conquered nations paid taxes to finance fres h wars of the conqueror. India its elf was as ked to pay a large s um at the end of World War I to help repair Britain's finances . But, as s hown by his torian Indivar Kam tekar, the independence m ovem ent led by Gandhiji changed the political lands cape, and m ade m as s taxation of India increas ingly difficult. By World War II, this had becom e politically im pos s ible. Far from taxing India to pay for World War II, Britain actually began paying India for its contribution of m en and goods . Troops from white dom inions like Aus tralia, Canada and New Zealand were paid for entirely by thes e countries , but Indian cos ts were s hared by the Britis h governm ent. Britain paid in the for...
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