A s m all group of biotech com panies will patent the

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Unformatted text preview: " group of biotech com panies will patent the trans ferred genes as well as the technology as s ociated with them . They will then buy up the com peting s eed m erchants and s eedbreeding centres , thereby controlling the production of food at every pos s ible level. Independent farm ers , big and s m all, will be com pletely wiped out of the food indus try. At bes t, they will be reduced to the s tatus of being s ub-contractors . This line of argum ent goes on to claim that the control of the food chain will be dis as trous for the poor s ince the MNCs , guided by the profit m otive, will only focus on the high-value food item s dem anded by the affluent. Thus , in the long run, the production of bas ic s taples which cons titute the food bas ket of the poor will taper off. However, this vas tly overes tim ates the power of the MNCs . Even if the res earch prom oted by them does focus on the high value food item s , m uch of biotechnology res earch is als o funded by governm ents in both developing and developed countries . Indee...
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