But with newton all the res ources of m athem atics

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Unformatted text preview: s es . But with Newton all the res ources of m athem atics were turned to advantage in the s olution of phys ical problem s . Thenceforth m athem atics appeared as an ins trum ent of dis covery, the m os t powerful one known to m an, m ultiplying the power of thought jus t as in the m echanical dom ain the lever m ultiplied our phys ical action. It is this application of m athem atics to the s olution of phys ical problem s , this com bination of two s eparate fields of inves tigation, which cons titutes the es s ential characteris tic of the Newtonian m ethod. Thus problem s of phys ics were m etam orphos ed into problem s of m athem atics . But in Newton's day the m athem atical ins trum ent was s till in a very backward s tate of developm ent. In this field again Newton s howed the m ark of genius by inventing the integral calculus . As a res ult of this rem arkable dis covery, problem s , which would have baffled Archim edes , were s olved with eas e. We know that in Newton's hands this new departure in s cientific m ethod led to the dis covery of the law of gravit...
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