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Unformatted text preview: a . C ABDE b . C ADBE c. C E DAB d . C AE BD e .No t Atte mp te d 38.A. Surrendered, or captured, com batants cannot be incarcerated in razor wire cages ; this 'war' has a dubious legality. B. How can then one characterize a conflict to be waged agains t a phenom enon as war? C. The phras e 'war agains t terror', which has pas s ed into the com m on lexicon, is a huge m is nom er. D. Bes ides , war has a juridical m eaning in international law, which has codified the laws of war, im buing them with a hum anitarian content. E. Terror is a phenom enon, not an entity-either State or non-State. a . E C DBA b . BE C DA c. E BC AD d . C E BDA e .No t Atte mp te d 39. A. I am m uch m ore intolerant of a hum an being's s hortcom ings than I am of an anim al's , but in this res pect I have been lucky, for m os t of the people I have com e acros s have been charm ing. B. Then you com e acros s the unpleas ant hum an anim al-the Dis trict Officer who drawled, 'We chaps are here to help you chaps ,' and then proceeded to be as obs tructive a...
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