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Unformatted text preview: s pos s ible. C. In thes e cas es of cours e, the fact that you are an anim al collector helps ; people always s eem delighted to m eet s om eone with s uch an unus ual occupation and go out of their way to as s is t you. D. Fortunately, thes e types are rare, and the pleas ant ones I have m et m ore than com pens ated for them -but even s o, I think I will s tick to anim als . E. When you travel round the world collecting anim als you als o, of neces s ity, collect hum an beings . a . E AC BD b . ABDC E c. E C BDA d . AC BDE e .No t Atte mp te d 40. A. To avoid this , the QWERTY layout put the keys m os t likely to be hit in rapid s ucces s ion on oppos ite s ides . This m ade the keyboard s low, the s tory goes , but that was the idea. B. A different layout, which had been patented by Augus t Dvorak in 1936, was s hown to be m uch fas ter. C. The QWERTY des ign (patented by Chris topher Sholes in 1868 and s old to Rem ington in 1873) aim ed to s olve a m echanical problem of early ty...
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