Em pire building is expens ive the us is s pending

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Unformatted text preview: ens ive. The US is s pending one billion dollars a day in operations in Iraq that fall well s hort of full-s cale im perialis m . Through the centuries , em pire building was cos tly, yet cons tantly undertaken becaus e it prom is ed high returns . The inves tm ent was in arm ies and conques t. The returns cam e through plunder and taxes from the conquered. No im m orality was attached to im perial loot and plunder. The bigges t conquerors were typically revered (hence titles like Alexander the Great, Akbar the Great, and Peter the Great). The bigger and richer the em pire, the plunderer was adm ired. This m inds et gradually changed with the ris e of new ideas about equality and governing for the public good, ideas that culm inated in the French and Am erican revolutions . Robert Clive was im peached for m aking a little m oney on the s ide, and s o was Warren Has tings . The white m an's burden cam e up as a new m oral rationale for conques t. It was s uppos edly for the good of the conquered. This led to m uch m udd...
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