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Unformatted text preview: was exclus ively the pres erve of a narrow cultural elite, bought either at auctions or from gentlem an wine m erchants in wing collars and bow ties , to be s tored in ram bling cellars and decanted to order by one's butler, the ordinary drinker didn't get a look-in. Wine was cons idered a highly technical s ubject, in which anybody without the neces s ary ability could only fall flat on his or her face in em barras s m ent. It was n't jus t that you needed a refined aes thetic s ens ibility for the s tuff if it was n't to be hopeles s ly was ted on you. It required an intim ate knowledge of what cam e from where, and what it was s uppos ed to tas te like. Thos e were tim es , however, when wine appreciation es s entially m eant a fam iliarity with the great French clas s ics , with perhaps a s m attering of other wines -- like s herry and port. That was what the wine trade dealt in. Thes e days , wine is bought daily in s uperm arkets and high-s treet chains to be cons um ed that evening, hardly anybody has a cellar to s tore it in and m os t don't even pos s es s a decanter. Above all, the wines...
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