Indeed the protato is a by product of this type of

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Unformatted text preview: d, the protato is a by-product of this type of res earch. If the protato pas s es the field trials , there is no reas on to believe that it cannot be m arketed in the global potato m arket. And this type of s ucces s s tory can be repeated with other bas ic food item s . The s econd type of cos t as s ociated with the genetically-m odified food indus try is environm ental dam age. The m os t com m on type of "genetic engineering" involves gene m odification in plants des igned to m ake them res is tant to applications of weed-killers . This then enables farm ers to us e m as s ive dos ages of weed killers s o as to des troy or wipe out all com peting varieties of plants in their fields . However, s om e weeds through genetically m odified pollen contam ination m ay acquire res is tance to a variety of weed-killers . The only way to des troy thes e weeds is through the us e of ever-s tronger herbicides which are pois onous and linger on in the environm ent. 11. The author doubts the anti-GM lobby's contention that MNC control of the food chain will be dis as trous for the poor becaus e...
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