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Unformatted text preview: t only has the grinding routine of m aking a living killed all des ire for it in them , it has als o generated a s tanding m ood of peevis h hos tility to other hum an beings . Increas ing econom ic dis tres s in recent years has infinitely wors ened this s tate of affairs , and has als o brought a s inis ter addition -- clas s hatred. This has becom e the greates t collective em otional enjoym ent of the poor m iddle clas s , and indeed they feel m os t s ocial when they form a pack, and s narl or howl at people who are better off than they. Their m os t innocent exhibition of s ociability is s een when they s pill out from their intolerable hom es into the s treets and bazaars . I was as tonis hed to s ee the m illing crowds in the poor s uburbs of Calcutta. But even there a group of flippant young loafers would put on a cons piratorial look if they s aw a m an in good clothes pas s ing by them either on foot or in a car. I had borrowed a car from a relative to vis it a friend in one of thes e s uburbs , and he becam e very anxious when I had not returned before dus k. Ac...
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