Not s urpris ingly the new potato has been called the

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Unformatted text preview: ew potato has been called the protato. The protato is now in its third year of field trials . It is quite likely that the GM controvers y will s oon hit the headlines in India s ince a s pokes pers on of the Indian Central governm ent has recently announced that the governm ent m ay us e the protato in its m idday m eal program m e for s chools as early as next year. Why s hould "s cientific progres s ", with huge potential benefits to the poor and m alnouris hed, be s o controvers ial? The anti-GM lobby contends that pernicious propaganda has vas tly exaggerated the benefits of GM and com pletely evaded the cos ts which will have to be incurred if the genetically-m odified food indus try is allowed to grow unchecked. In particular, they allude to different types of cos ts . This group contends that the m os t im portant potential cos t is that the wides pread dis tribution and growth of genetically-m odified food will enable the corporate world (alias the m ultinational corporations - MNCs ) to com pletely capture the food chain. A "s m all...
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