So it will be s een that m y conception of s ocial

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Unformatted text preview: o, it will be s een that m y conception of s ocial life is m odes t, for it m akes no dem ands on what we have, though it does m ake s om e on what we are. Interes t, wonder, s ym pathy, and love, the firs t two leading to the las t two, are the ps ychological prerequis ites for s ocial life; and the need for the firs t two m us t not be underrated. We cannot m ake the m os t even of our intim ate s ocial life unles s we are able to m ake s trangers of our oldes t friends everyday by dis covering unknown areas in their pers onality, and trans form them into new friends . In s um , s ocial life is a function of vitality. It is tragic, however, to obs erve that it is thes e very natural s prings of s ocial life which are drying up am ong us . It is becom ing m ore and m ore difficult to com e acros s fellow-feeling for hum an beings as s uch in our s ociety and in all its s trata. In the poor m iddle clas s , in the cours e of all m y life, I have hardly s een any s ocial life properly s ocalled. No...
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