Thes e large gatherings will be only what we m ake of

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Unformatted text preview: hes e large gatherings will be only what we m ake of them - if not anything better, they can be as good places to collect new friends from as the s lave-m arkets of Is tanbul were for beautiful s laves or New Market for race hors es . But they do offer m ore im m ediate enjoym ent. For one thing, in them one can s ee the external expres s ion of s ocial life in appearance and behaviour at its wides t and m os t varied -- where one can adm ire beauty of body or air, hear voices rem arkable either for s weetnes s or refinem ent, look on elegance of clothes or deportm ent. What is m ore, thes e parties are s chools for training in s ociability, for in them we have to treat s trangers as friends . So, we s ee s ocial s ym pathy in wides t com m onalty s pread, or at leas t s hould. We s how an atrophy of the natural hum an ins tinct of getting pleas ure and happines s out of other hum an beings if we cannot treat s trangers as friends for the m om ent. And I would go further and paraphras e Pater to s ay that not to be able to dis crim inate every m om ent s om e pas s ionate attitude in thos e about us , even when we m eet them cas ually, is on this s hort day of fros t and s un which our life is , to s leep before evening. S...
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