This led to m uch m uddled hypocris y on the one hand

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Unformatted text preview: led hypocris y. On the one hand, the em pire needed to be profitable. On the other hand, the white m an's burden m ade brazen toot im pos s ible. An additional factor deterring loot was the 1857 Sepoy Mutiny. Though crus hed, it rem inded the Britis h vividly that that they were a tiny ethnic group who could not rule a gigantic s ubcontinent without the s upport of im portant locals . After 1857, the Britis h s topped annexing one princely s tate after another, and ins tead treated the princes as allies . Land revenue was fixed in abs olute term s , partly to prevent local unres t and partly, to prom ote the notion of the white m an's burden. The em pire proclaim ed its elf to be a protector of the Indian peas ant agains t exploitation by Indian elites . This was denounced as hypocris y by nationalis ts like Dadabhoy Naoroji in the 19th century, who com plained that land taxes led to an enorm ous drain from India to Britain. Objective calculations by his torians like Angus Maddis on s ugges t a drain of perhaps 1.6 percent of Indian Gros...
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