When extended in this way the newtonian principle of

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Unformatted text preview: , etc. When extended in this way the Newtonian principle of relativity becam e Eins tein's s pecial principle of relativity. Its s ignificance lay in its as s ertion that abs olute Galilean m otion or abs olute velocity m us t ever es cape all experim ental detection. Henceforth abs olute velocity s hould be conceived of as phys ically m eaningles s , not only in the particular realm of m echanics , as in Newton's day, but in the entire realm of phys ical phenom ena. Eins tein's s pecial principle, by adding increas ed em phas is to this relativity of velocity, m aking abs olute velocity m etaphys ically m eaningles s , created a s till m ore profound dis tinction between velocity and accelerated or rotational m otion. This latter type of m otion rem ained abs olute and real as before. It is m os t im portant to unders tand this point and to realize that Eins tein's s pecial principle is m erely an extens ion of the validity of the clas s ical Newtonian principle to all clas s es of pheno...
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