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Unformatted text preview: tio n . b . Alth o u g h p o o r, th e p e o p le o f p o o r C a lcu tta s u b u rb s h a ve a rich s o cia l life . c. It is ris ky fo r rich p e o p le to mo ve a ro u n d in p o o r s u b u rb s d . Ach ie vin g a h ig h d e g re e o f s o cia b ility d o e s n o t s to p th e p o o r fro m h a tin g th e rich . e .No t Atte mp te d PASSAGE V Modern s cience, exclus ive of geom etry, is a com paratively recent creation and can be s aid to have originated with Galileo and Newton. Galileo was the firs t s cientis t to recognize clearly that the only way to further our unders tanding of the phys ical world was to res ort to experim ent. However obvious Galileo's contention m ay appear in the light of our pres ent knowledge, it rem ains a fact that the Greeks , in s pite of their proficiency in geom etry, never s eem to have realized the im portance of experim ent. To a certain extent this m ay be attributed to the crudenes s of their ins trum ents of m eas urem ent. Still, an excus e of this s ort can s carcely be put forward when the elem entary nature of Galileo's experim ents and obs ervations is rec...
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