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Unformatted text preview: c. In d ia n me d ia , in p a rtn e rs h ip w ith th e g o ve rn me n t, is a ctive ly in vo lve d in p u b liciz in g th e re s u lts o f s cie n tific re s e a rch . d . In d ia n me d ia o n ly h ig h lig h ts s cie n tific re s e a rch w h ich is fu n d e d b y th e g o ve rn me n t. e . No t Atte mp te d PASSAGE IV Social life is an outflow and m eeting of pers onality, which m eans that its end is the m eeting of character; tem peram ent, and s ens ibility, in which our thoughts and feelings , and s ens e perceptions are brought into play at their lightes t and yet keenes t. This as pect, to m y thinking, is realized as m uch in large parties com pos ed of cas ual acquaintances or even s trangers , as in intim ate m eetings of old friends . I am not one of thos e s uperior pers ons who hold cocktail parties in contem pt, looking upon them as barren or at bes t as very tryingly kaleidos copic places for gathering, becaus e of the s trangers one has to m eet in them ; which is no argum ent, for even our m os t intim ate friends m us t at one tim e have been s trangers to us . T...
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