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Unformatted text preview: been quite effective in Europe, with s everal European Union m em ber countries Th im pos ing a virtual ban for five years over genetically-m odified food im ports . Since the genetically-m odified food indus try is particularly s trong in the United States of Am erica, the controvers y als o cons titutes another chapter in the US-Europe s kirm is hes which have becom e particularly acerbic after the US invas ion of Iraq. To a large extent, the GM controvers y has been ignored in the Indian m edia, although Indian biotechnologis ts have been quite active in GM res earch. Several groups of Indian biotechnologis ts have been working on various is s ues connected with crops grown in India. One concrete achievem ent which has recently figured in the news is that of a team led by the form er vice-chancellor of Jawaharlal Nehru Univers ity, As is Datta -- it has s ucces s fully added an extra gene to potatoes to enhance the protein content of the tuber by at leas t 30 percent. Not s urpris ingly, the n...
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