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A circle with radius 2 is placed agains t a right

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Unformatted text preview: te mp te d 35. A circle with radius 2 is placed agains t a right angle. Another s m aller circle is als o placed as s hown in the adjoining figure. What is the radius of the s m aller circle? a . 3 -2 √2 b . 4 -2 √2 c. 7 -4 √2 d . 6 -4 √ 2 e . No t Atte mp te d Check your Score Sponse re d Links Reset All This w ebpage is not available The s erver at google a ds.g.double click.ne t c an't be found, bec aus e the DNS look up failed. DNS is the network s ervic e that trans lates a webs ite's name to its Internet addres s . This error is mos t often c aus ed by having no c onnec tion to the Internet or a mis c onfigured network . It c an als o be c aus ed by an unres pons ive DNS s erver or a firewall preventing Google Chrome from ac c es s ing the network . Ne w Forum Posts Ne w Article s Guild Wars 2 Gold along with bus ines s Tim e Managem ent Tools Free tim e dis tance Hi I am new here..... quant- P&C NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF INFOTSAV'12 TSD TECHNOLOGY, DURGAPUR NIM Durgapur. Top, Top 10, MBA quant dis count colleges in Durgapur, Wes t Bengal, INDIA The s erver at m ath better b-s chool am ong techno india&birla ins titute Infots av-2011 Burden Lifting Rank of WLC, Kolkata CL Notes for s ale CAT 2009 This w ebpage is not available CAT 2009: Frequently As ked Ques tions IIFT All R ight s R es erv ed. C opy right 2006-10 C AT4MBA. c om . Sponse re d Links This w ebpage is not available The s erver at...
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