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Unformatted text preview: each denom ination. The total num ber of five and ten rupee notes us ed was one m ore than the total num ber of one and two rupee notes us ed. What was the price of the article? A: Nandini us ed a total of 13 currency notes . B: The price of the article was a m ultiple of Rs . 10. a. A b. B c. C d. D e .No t Atte mp te d 24. Four candidates for an award obtain dis tinct s cores in a tes t. Each of the four cas ts a vote to choos e the winner of the award.The candidate who gets the larges t num ber of votes wins the award. In cas e of a tie in the voting proces s , the candidate with the highes t s core wins the award. Who wins the award? A: The candidates with top three s cores each vote for the top s corer am ongs t the other three. B: The candidate with the lowes t s core votes for the player with the s econd highes t s core. a. A b. B c. C d. D e .No t Atte mp te d 25. In a clas s of 30 s tudents , Ras hm i s ecured the third rank am ong the girls , while her brother Kum ar s tudyipg in the s am e clas s s ecured the s ixth rank in the whole clas s . Between the two, who had a better overall rank? A: Kum ar was am ong the top 25% of the boys m erit lis t in the clas s in which 60% were boys . B: There were three boys am ong the top five rank holders , and three girls am ong the top ten rank holders . a. A b. B c. C d. D e .No t Atte mp te d 26. Zakib s pends 30% of his incom e on his children’s education, 20% on recreation and 10% on healthcare. The corres ponding percentages for Supriyo are 40%, 25%, and 13%. Who s pends m ore on children’s education? A: Zakib s pends m ore on recreation than Supriyo. B: Supriyo s pends m ore on healthcare than Zakib. a. A b. B c. C d. D e .No t Atte mp te d SECTION I Sub-Se ction I-B Number of Questions : 12 DIRECTIONS for Questions 27 to 30: Ans wer the ques tions on the bas is of the inform ation given below. Coach John s at with the s core cards of Indian players from the 3 gam es in a one-day cricket tournam ent where the s am e s et of players played for India and all the m ajor bats m en got out. John s um m arized the batting perform ance...
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