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Unformatted text preview: d . 2003 e .No t Atte mp te d 4. What was the age of the new faculty m em ber, who joined the OM area, as on April 1, 2003? a . 25 b . 26 c. 2 7 d . 28 e .No t Atte mp te d This w ebpage is not available The s erver at google a ds.g.double click.ne t c an't be found, bec aus e the DNS look up failed. DNS is the network s ervic e that trans lates a webs ite's name to its Internet addres s . This error is mos t often c aus ed by having no c onnec tion to the Internet or a mis c onfigured network . It c an als o be c aus ed by an unres pons ive DNS s erver or a firewall preventing Google Chrome from ac c es s ing the Use r Sta ts Who's ne w DIRECTIONS for Q.5 to Q.7: The table below reports annual s tatis tics related to rice production in s elect s tates of India for a particular year. M os t a c tiv e us e rs Who z online hgfjhgkjs aoacqrkn 5. Which two s tates account for the highes t productivity of rice (tons produced per hectare of rice cultivation)? Gracenis hwhite a . Ha rya n a...
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