All the four cities in contention are als o repres

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Unformatted text preview: ng, the city receiving the lowes t num ber of votes in that round gets elim inated. The s urvivor after the las t round of voting gets to hos t the event. A m em ber is allowed to eas t votes for at m os t two different cities in all rounds of voting com bined. (Hence, a m em ber becom es ineligible to cas t a vote in a given round if both the cities (s )he voted for in earlier rounds are out of contention in that round of voting.) A m em ber is als o ineligible to cas t a vote in a round if the city (s )he repres ents is in contention in that round of voting. As long as the m em ber is eligible, (s )he m us t vote and vote for only one candidate city in any round of voting. The following incom plete table s hows the inform ation on cities that received the m axim um and m inim um votes in different rounds , the num ber of votes cas t in their favour, and the total votes that were cas t in thos e rounds . It is also know n that All thos e who voted for London and Paris in round 1, continue...
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