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Unformatted text preview: from New York m us t have voted for Paris in round 2. b. IOC m em ber from Beijing voted for London in round 3. a . O n ly a b . O n ly b c. Bo th a a n d b d . Ne ith e r a n o r b e .No t Atte mp te d DIRECTIONS for Q.23 to Q.26: The table below pres ents the revenue (in m illion rupees ) of four firm s in three s tates . Thes e firm s , Hones t Ltd., Aggres s ive Ltd., Truthful Ltd. and Profitable Ltd. arc dis guis ed in the table as A, B, C and D, in no particular o rd e r. Further, it is known that In the s tate of MP, Truthful Ltd. has the highes t m arket s hare. Aggres s ive Ltd.'s aggregate revenue differs from Hones t Ltd.'s by Rs .5 m illion. 23. What can be s aid regarding the following two s tatem ents ? Statem ent 1: Profitable Ltd. has the lowes t s hare in MP m arket. Statem ent 2: Hones t Ltd.'s total revenue is m ore than Profitable Ltd. a . If Sta te me n t 1 is tru e th e n Sta te me n t 2 is n e ce s s a rily tru e . b . If Sta te me n t 1 is tru e th e n Sta te me n t 2 is n e ce s s a rily fa ls e . c. Bo...
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