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Unformatted text preview: n ly e .No t Atte mp te d 18. If Com pany C belonged to the Cem ent or the IT indus try and did announce extraordinarily good res ults , then which of thes e s tatem ent(s ) would neces s arily be true? I . Venkat earned not m ore than 36.25% return on average. II. Venkat earned not les s than 33.75% return on average. III. If Venkat earned 33.75% return on average, Com pany A announced extraordinarily good res ults . IV. If Venkat earned 33.75% return on average, Com pany B belonged either to Auto or to Steel Indus try. a . I a n d II o n ly b . II a n d IV o n ly c. II a n d III o n ly d . III a n d IV o n ly e .No t Atte mp te d DIRECTIONS: Ans wer ques tions 19 to 22 on the bas is of the inform ation given below. The year is 2089. Beijing, London, New York, and Paris are in contention lo hos t the 2096 Olym pics . The eventual winner is determ ined through s everal rounds of voting by m em bers of the IOC with each m em ber repres enting a different city. All the four cities in contention are als o repres ented in IOC. In any round of voti...
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