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C at mo s t o n e o f th e s ta te me n ts is tru e d

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Unformatted text preview: tte mp te d 26. If Profitable Ltd.'s lowes t revenue is from UP, then which of the following is true? a . Tru th fu l Ltd .'s lo w e s t re ve n u e s a re fro m MP . b . Tru th fu l Ltd .'s lo w e s t re ve n u e s a re fro m Bih a r. c. Tru th fu l Ltd .'s lo w e s t re ve n u e s a re fro m UP . d . No d e fin ite co n clu s io n is p o s s ib le . e .No t Atte mp te d DIRECTIONS for Q.27 to Q.30: Help Dis tres s (HD) is an NGO involved in providing as s is tance to people s uffering from natural dis as ters . Currently, it has 37 volunteers . They are involved in three projects : Ts unam i Relief (TR) in Tam il Nadu, Flood Relief (FR) in Maharas htra, and Earthquake Relief (ER) in Gujarat. Each volunteer working with Help Dis tres s has to be involved in at leas t one relief work project. A Maxim um num ber of volunteers are involved in the FR project. Am ong them , the num ber of volunteers involved in FR project alone is equal to the volunteers having additional involvem ent in the ER project. The num ber of volunteers involved in the ER project alone is double the num ber of volunteers...
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