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Unformatted text preview: 9. hi 10. tim e and dis tance 1 of 120 m o re 1. From which area did the faculty m em ber retire? a . Fin a n ce b . Ma rke tin g c. O B d. OM e .No t Atte mp te d 2. Profes s ors Nares h and Deves h, two faculty m em bers in the Marketing area, who have been with the Ins titute s ince its inception, s hare a birthday, which falls on 20th Novem ber. One was born in 1947 and the other one in 1950. On April 1 2005, what was the age of the third faculty m em ber who has been in the s am e area s ince inception? a . 47 b . 50 c. 5 1 d . 52 e .No t Atte mp te d 3. In which year did the new faculty m em ber join the Finance area? ›› Re ce nt Com m e nts About part tim e or dis tance learning for MBA 2 3 h o u rs 5 9 m i n a g o Hi.... 4 days 15 hours ago upload good ques du.......... 6 days 12 hours ago NO NEED TO TRY IN FUTURE OR HERITAGE 1 week 22 hours ago thanks for s haring 1 week 4 days ago Help needed badly..!! 2 week s 3 days ago m o re Sponse re d Links a . 2000 b . 2001 c. 2 0 0 2...
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