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Choos e the bes t ans wer to each ques tion a gam e

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Unformatted text preview: er to each ques tion. A gam e of s trategy, as currently conceived in gam e theory, is a s ituation in which two or m ore "players " m ake choices am ong available alternatives (m oves ). The totality of choices determ ines the outcom es of the gam e, and it is as s um ed that the rank order of preferences for the outcom es is different for different players . Thus the "interes ts " of the players are generally in conflict. Whether thes e interes ts are diam etrically oppos ed or only partially oppos ed depends on the type of gam e. Ps ychologically, m os t interes ting s ituations aris e when the interes ts of the players are partly coincident and partly oppos ed, becaus e then one can pos tulate not only a conflict am ong the players but als o inner conflicts within the players . Each is torn between a tendency to cooperate, s o as to prom ote the com m on interes ts , and a tendency to com pete, s o as to enhance his own individual interes ts . Internal conflicts are always ps ychologically interes ting. Wha...
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