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Choos e the m os t appropriate replacem ent for that

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Unformatted text preview: S for Q.27 to Q.30: Each of the following ques tions has a paragraph with one italicized word that docs not m ake s ens e. Choos e the m os t appropriate replacem ent for that word from the options given below the p a ra g ra p h . 27. Intelligent des ign derives from an early 19th-century explanation of the natural world given by an Englis h clergym an, William Paley. Paley was the popularis er of the fam ous watchm aker analogy. Proponents of intelligent des ign are crupping Paley's argum ent with a new glos s from m olecular biology. a . d e s tro yin g b . te s tin g c. re s u rre ctin g d . q u e s tio n in g e .No t Atte mp te d 28. Wom en s quat, heads covered, bes ide huge piles of lim p fodder and blunk oil lam ps , and jus t about all the cows in the three towns converge upon this s pot. Sinners , s upplicants and yes , even s callywags hand over a few coins for a crack at redem ption and a handful of gras s . a . s h in in g b . b rig h t c. s p u tte rin g d . e ffu lg e n t e .No t Atte mp te d 29. It is klang to a s ens itive traveler who walks through this great town, when he s ees the s treets , the roads , and cabin doors crowded with beggars...
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