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D in s hort they m orph into a powerful team with a s

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Unformatted text preview: ocentris m and becom e a plurality with s ingle-m inded focus on the goal. D. In s hort, they m orph into a powerful team with a s hared identity. a. A & C b. A & D c. B & D d . A, C & D e .No t Atte mp te d 24. A. Large reductions in the ozone layer, which s its about 15-30 km above the Earth, take place each-winter over the polar regions , es pecially the Antarctic, as low tem peratures allow the form ation of s tratos pheric clouds that as s is t chem ical reactions breaking down ozone. B. Indus trial chem icals containing chlorine and brom ine have been blam ed for thinning the layer becaus e they attack the ozone m olecules , m aking them to break apart. C. Many an offending chem icals have now been banned. D. It will s till take s everal decades before thes e s ubs tances have dis appeared from the atm os phere. a. D b. B & D c. A & D d. A & C e .No t Atte mp te d 25. A. The balance of power will s hift to the Eas t as China and India evolve. B. Rarely the econom ic as cent of two s till r...
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