E the exception is the kam as utra in which wes tern

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Unformatted text preview: engaging. (E) The exception is the Kam as utra in which wes tern readers have m anaged to cultivate an interes t a . BDAC E b . DE ABC c. BDE C A d . BC E DA e .No t Atte mp te d 7. (A) This is now orthodoxy to which I s ubs cribe - up to a point. (B) It em erged from the m athem atics of chance and s tatis tics . (C) Therefore the ris k is m eas urable and m anageable. (D) The fundam ental concept: Prices are not predictable, but the m athem atical laws of chance can des cribe their fluctuations . (E) This is how what bus ines s s chools now call m odern finance was born. a . ADC BE b . E BDC A c. ABDC E d . DC BE A e .No t Atte mp te d DIRECTIONS for Q.8 to Q.10: In each ques tion, the word at the top of the table is us ed in four different ways , num bered A to D. Choos e the option in which the us age of the word is incorrect or inappropriate. 8. NEAR a . I g o t th e re ju s t a fte r yo u le ft - a n e a r mis s ! b . Sh e a n d h e r n e a r frie n d le ft e a rly. c. Th e w a r le d to a n e a r d o u b lin g o f o il p r...
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