In its s im ples t form ulation decons truction can

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Unformatted text preview: it, an approach he term ed decons truction. In its s im ples t form ulation, decons truction can be taken to refer to a m ethodological s trategy which s eeks to uncover layers of hidden m eaning in a text that have been denied or s uppres s ed. The term 'text', in this res pect, does not refer s im ply to a written form of com m unication, however. Rather, texts are s om ething we all produce and reproduce cons tantly in our everyday s ocial relations , be they s poken, written or em bedded in the cons truction of m aterial artifacts . At the heart of Derrida's decons tructive approach is his critique of what he perceives to be the totalitarian im puls e of the Enlightenm ent purs uit to bring all that exis ts in the world under the dom ain of a repres entative language, a purs uit he refers to as logocentris m . Logocentris m is the s earch for a rational language that is able to know and repres ent the world and all its as pects perfectly and accurately. Its totalitarian dim ens ion, for Derrida at leas t, lies prim arily in its tendency to m arginalize or dis m is s all that does not neatly com ply with its particular linguis tic repres entations , a tendency that, throughout his tory, has all too frequently been m anifes ted i...
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