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In the end it will pas s away and be forgotten ours

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Unformatted text preview: e of m any em barras s ing fits of hubris in civilization's long indus try. In the end, it will pas s away and be forgotten. Ours is not the firs t generation to s truggle to unders tand the organizational laws of the frontier, deceive its elf that it has s ucceeded, and go to its grave having failed. a . O n e w o u ld b e w is e to b e h u mb le . b . Bu t w e mig h t b e th e firs t g e n e ra tio n to a ctu a lly re a ch th e fro n tie r. c. Bu t w e mig h t b e th e firs t g e n e ra tio n to d e a l w ith th e cris is , d . Ho w e ve r, th is time th e s u cce s s is n o t illu s o ry. e .No t Atte mp te d DIRECTIONS for Q.23 to Q.26: Each ques tion cons is ts of four s entences on a topic. Som e s entences are gram m atically incorrect or inappropriate. Select the option that indicates the gram m atically correct and appropriate s entence(s ). 23. A. When virtuos o team s begin their work, individuals are in and group cons ens us is out. B. As project progres s es , however, the individual s tars harnes s them s elves to the product of the group. C. Sooner or later, the m em bers break through their own eg...
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