Played com pletely rationally ches s would not be

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Unformatted text preview: uite rationally. Played com pletely rationally, ches s would not be different from Tic-tactoe. In s hort, a pure conflict of interes t (what is called a zero-s um gam e) although it offers a wealth of interes ting conceptual problem s , is not interes ting ps ychologically, except to the extent that its conduct departs from rational norm s . 1. tim e dis tance 2. TSD 3. quant 4. dis count 5. m ath 6. None of us is /are 7. Buy Mathem atics Books India Online 8. problem to unders tand 9. hi 10. tim e and dis tance 1 of 120 ›› m o re Re ce nt Com m e nts About part tim e or dis tance learning for MBA 2 3 h o u rs 5 9 m i n a g o Hi.... 4 days 15 hours ago upload good ques du.......... 6 days 12 hours ago NO NEED TO TRY IN FUTURE OR HERITAGE 1 week 22 hours ago thanks for s haring 1 week 4 days ago Help needed badly..!! 2 week s 3 days ago m o re Sponse re d Links 1. According to the pas s age, internal conflicts are ps ychologically m ore interes ting than external conflicts becaus e a . in te rn a l co n flicts , ra th e r th a n e xte rn a l co n flicts , fo rm a n imp o rta n t co mp o n e n t o f s e rio u s lite ra tu re a s d is tin g u is h e d fro m le s s s e rio...
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