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Unformatted text preview: paris on the term becom es m eaningles s . Put s im ply, decons truction repres ents an attem pt to dem ons trate the abs ent-pres ence of this oppos itional 'other', to s how that what we s ay or write is in its elf not expres s ive s im ply of what is pres ent, but als o of what is abs ent. Thus , decons truction s eeks to reveal the interdependence of apparently dichotom ous term s and their m eanings relative to their textual context; that is , within the linguis tic power relations which s tructure dichotom ous term s hierarchically. In Derrida's own words , a decons tructive reading "m us t always aim at a certain relations hip, unperceived by the writer, between what he com m ands and what he does not com m and of the patterns of a language that he us es . . . .[It] attem pts to m ake the not-s een acces s ible to s ight." Meaning, then, is never fixed or s table, whatever the intention of the author of a text. For Derrida, language is a s ys tem of relations that are dynam ic, in that all m eanings we as cribe to the world are dependent not only on what we...
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