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Then there is the res ult of the french referendum on

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Unformatted text preview: t like that'. Then there is the res ult of the French referendum on the European Cons titution, s een as thick-headed luddites railing vainly agains t the m odern world. What the French needed to realis e, the argum ent went, was that there was no alternative to the reform s that would m ake the country m ore flexible, m ore com petitive, m ore dynam ic. Jus t the s ort of reform s that allowed Gate Gourm et to s ack hundreds of its s taff at Heathrow after the s ort of ultim atum that us ed to be handed out by Victorian m ill owners . An alternative way of looking at the French non" is that our neighbours trans late "flexibility" as "you're fired". Finally, take a s quinl at the United States . Jus t like Britain a century ago, a period of unques tioned s uperiority is drawing to a clos e. China is s till a long way from m atching Am erica's wealth, but it is growing at a s tupendous rate and econom ic s trength brings geopolitical clout. Already, there is evidence of a new s cram ble for Africa as Was hington...
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