Thus logocentris m has in its s earch for the truth

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Unformatted text preview: n the form of authoritarian ins titutions . Thus logocentris m has , in its s earch for the truth of abs olute repres entation, s ubs um ed difference and oppres s ed that which it des ignates as its alien 'other'. For Derrida, wes tern civilization has been built upon s uch a s ys tem atic as s ault on alien cultures and ways of life, typically in the nam e of reas on and progres s . In res pons e to logocentris m , decons truction pos its the idea that the m echanis m by which this proces s of m arginalization and the ordering of truth occurs is through es tablis hing s ys tem s of binary oppos ition. Oppos itional linguis tic dualis m s , s uch as rational/ irrational, culture/nature and good/bad are not, however, cons trued as equal partners as they are in, s ay, the s em iological s tructuralis m of Saus s ure. Rather, they exis t, for Derrida, in a s eries of hierarchical relations hips with the firs t term norm ally occupying a s uperior pos ition. Derrida defines the relations hip between s uch oppos ition...
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