What we vaguely call interes ting ps ychology is in

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Unformatted text preview: t we vaguely call "interes ting" ps ychology is in very great m eas ure the ps ychology of inner conflict. Inner conflict is als o held to be an im portant com ponent of s erious literature as dis tinguis hed from les s s erious genres . The clas s ical tragedy, as well as the s erious novel, reveals the inner conflict of central figures . The s uperficial adventure s tory, on the other hand, depicts only external conflict; that is , the threats to the pers on with whom the reader (or viewer) identifies s tem in thes e s tories exclus ively from external obs tacles and from the advers aries who create them . On the m os t prim itive level this s ort of external conflict is ps ychologically em pty. In the fis ticuffs between the protagonis ts of good and evil, no ps ychological problem s are involved or, at any rate, none are depicted in juvenile repres entations of conflict. The detective s tory, the "adult" analogue of a juvenile adventure tale, has at tim es been des cribed as a glorification of intellectu...
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