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Unformatted text preview: u re ta le s . e .No t Atte mp te d DIRECTIONS for Q.5 to Q.7: The s entences given in each ques tion, when properly s equenced, form a coherent paragraph. Each s entence is labeled with a letter. Choos e the m os t logical order of s entences from am ong the given choices to cons truct a coherent paragraph. There are currently 21 users and 2298 guests Lipika712 hgfjhgkjs nuliww83 MacfarlaneZacha... aoacqrkn Gracenis hwhite om karlakhe bags alefor007 m artins o397 ra h u l n e m a re fre sh 5. (A) Sim ilarly, turning to cas te, even though being lower cas te is undoubtedly a s eparate caus e of dis parity, its im pact is all the greater when the lower-cas te fam ilies als o happen to be poor. (B) Belonging to a privileged clas s can help a wom an to overcom e m any barriers that obs truct wom en from les s thriving clas s es . (C) It is the interactive pres ence of thes e two kinds of deprivation - being low clas s and being fem ale - that m as s ively im poveris hes wom en from the les s privileged c...
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