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Unformatted text preview: t ma y n o t ma ke th e u n s e e n vis ib le b . th e me a n in g o f th e te xt is b a s e d o n b in a ry o p p o s ite s . c. th e imp licit p o w e r re la tio n s h ip is o fte n ig n o re d . d . a n y a ct o f in te rp re ta tio n mu s t re fe r to w h a t th e a u th o r in te n d s . e .No t Atte mp te d DIRECTIONS for Q.19 to Q.22: Each of the following ques tions has a paragraph from which the las t s entence has been deleted. From the given options , choos e the one that com pletes the paragraph in the m os t appropriate way. 19. The audiences for cros s words and s udoku, unders tandably, overlap greatly, but there are differences , too. A cros s word attracts a m ore literary pers on, while s udoku appeals to a keenly logical m ind. Som e cros s word enthus ias ts turn up their nos es at s udoku becaus e they feel it lacks depth. A good cros s word requires vocabulary, knowledge, m ental flexibility and s om etim es even a s ens e of hum or to com plete. It touches num erous areas of life...
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