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Unformatted text preview: of 120 2. A chem ical plant has four tanks (A, B, C and D), each containing 1000 litres of a chem ical. The chem ical is being pum ped from one tank to another as follows : From A to B @ 20 litres /m inute From C to A @ 90 litres /m inute From A to D @ 10 litres /m inute From C to D @ 50 litres /m inute From B to C @ 100 litres /m inute From D to B @ 110 litres /m inute Which tank gets em ptied firs t and how long does it take (in m inutes ) to get em pty after pum ping s tarts ? a . A, 1 6 .6 6 b . C , 20 c. D, 2 0 d . D, 2 5 e .No t Atte mp te d 3. Two identical circles inters ect s o that their centres , and the points at which they inters ect, form a s quare of s ide 1 cm . The area in s q. cm of the portion that is com m on to the two circles is a . π/4 b . π/2 - 1 c. π/5 d . √2 - 1 ›› m o re Re ce nt Com m e nts About part tim e or dis tance learning for MBA 2 3 h o u rs 5 8 m i n a g o Hi.... 4 days 15 hours ago upload good ques du.......... 6 days 12 hours ago NO NEED TO TRY IN FUTURE OR HERITAGE 1 week 22 hours ago thanks for s haring 1 week 4 days ago Help needed badly..!! 2 week s 3 days ago m o re Sponse re d Links e .No t Atte mp te d 4. A jogging park has two identical circular tracks touching each other, and a rectangular track enclos ing the two circles . The edges of the rec...
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