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Unformatted text preview: ng Designing for Supply Chain Efficiency Efficiency Dell Computer has been one of the most successful PC retailers. Why? To solve the problem of inventory becoming obsolete, Dell’s solution: becoming Don’t keep any inventory! - All PC’s are made to order All and parts shipped directly from manufacturers when possible. Compare to the experience of Compaq Corporation. (initial success selling through low cost retail warehouses, but did not garner web-based sales.) retail B2B Supply Chain Management B2B (business to business) supply chain management:. B2B supply While not as visible and “sexy” as E-tailing, it appears While tailing, that B2B supply chain management is the true growth industry. A search on Yahoo yielded over 80 matches for supply chain software providers. Some of the major players in this market segment include: players Agile Software based in Silicon Valley. Agile i2 Technologies based in Dallas. i2 Ariba based in Silicon Valley Ariba 11 Trends in Supply Chain Management Outsourcing of the logistics function (example: Saturn outsourced their logistics to Ryder Trucks. Outsourcing of manufacturing is a major trend these days.) of Moving towards more web based transactions systems Moving Improving the information flows along the entire chain. Improving Reading Reading Textbook page 343 - 362. 362. 12 Selected Problems 1, 2, 3, 13, 15, 18, 20 1, 13...
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