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Unformatted text preview: 1920 1890Frederick Frederick Taylor champions the idea of “scientific management”. As As complexity grows specializations take hold Inventory Inventory Control Manager Purchasing Purchasing Manager Scheduling Scheduling Supervisor Quality Quality Control Manager etc. Characteristics of Goods Tangible Tangible product Consistent Consistent product definition Production Production usually separate from consumption Can Can be inventoried Low Low customer interaction 3 Characteristics of Service Intangible Intangible product Produced Produced and consumed at same time Often Often unique High High customer interaction Inconsistent Inconsistent product definition Often knowledgeOften knowledge-based Frequently Frequently dispersed Goods Versus Services Attributes of Goods (Tangible Product) Attributes of Services (Intangible Product) Can be resold Can be inventoried Some aspects of quality measurable Selling is distinct from production Reselling unusual Difficult to inventory Quality difficult to measure Product is transportable Provider, not product, is often transportable Site of facility important for customer contact Often difficult to automate Revenue generated primarily from the intangible service Site of facility important for cost Often easy to automate Revenue generated primarily from tangible product Selling is part of se...
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