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Miscellaneous 13 productivity hamdi hamdi usta

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Unformatted text preview: duces doors for homes. He is interested in determining his efficiency to find out if his job shop maintains an average of 3% increase in productivity. Data represents the month of January of last and this year. Show Show the productivity for each category Show Show the productivity change on a multifactor basis Units produced Labor(hrs) Wood(tons) Capital($) Energy(BTU) Last year 1000 300 50 10000 3000 This year 1000 275 45 11000 2850 Cost($) 10/hr 5/ton 1% /month 0,5/BTU Capacity Strategy Fundamental issues: Amount Amount. When adding capacity, what is the optimal amount to add? Too Too little means that more capacity will have to be added shortly afterwards. Too Too much means that capital will be wasted. Timing Timing. What is the optimal time between adding new capacity? Type Type. Level of flexibility, automation, layout, process, level of customization, outsourcing, etc. 14 Three Approaches to Capacity Strategy Policy Policy A...
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