Part of service 4 development of the service economy

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Unformatted text preview: rvice 4 Development of the Service Economy The Elements of Strategy Time Horizon Short Term Intermediate Long Term Evaluation Cost Quality Profitability Customer satisfaction Focus Process Technology Market Issues Volume Quality Tasks Consistency Professionalism Proliferation Changes in the task Explicit goals 5 Time Horizons for Strategic Decisions 1. Long Term Decisions Long Locating Locating and Sizing New Facilities Finding Finding New Markets for Products Mission Mission Statement: meeting quality objectives 2. Intermediate Term Decisions Forecasting Forecasting Product Demand Determining Determining Manpower Needs Setting Setting Channels of Distribution Equipment Equipment Purchases and Maintenance 3. Short Term Decisions Purchasing Purchasing Shift Shift Scheduling Inventory Inventory Control Global Competition Global competition is heating up to an unprecedented degree. It appears that seve...
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