The results of his calculations were troubling of he

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Unformatted text preview: he builders hadn't realized. The results of his calculations were troubling. of He took his calculations to fellow engineer Alan He Davenport, who was an expert on the behavior of buildings in high-wind conditions. Davenport found that seventy-mile-per-hour gusts would be sufficient to break the bolts holding the joints, resulting in structural failure. Such winds were not unknown in New York, indeed storms with such strength occurred about once every sixteen years on average. Hurricane season was fast approaching, and now only two men in the world knew that Citicorp's new $175 million tower and its occupants were vulnerable to destruction by catastrophic collapse. catastrophic Horrified, LeMessurier fled to his island hideaway on Horrified, Sebago Lake to refine the findings and consider his options. Because he faced possible litigation, bankruptcy, and professional disgrace he contemplated suicide, but he was struck with the realization that he held the information to initiate extraordinary events which could save thousands of lives. The following day he started making phone calls. After speaking with corporate lawyers and consulting with Leslie Robertson– an engineer who helped design the World Trade Center– LeMessurier went to Cambridge to inform Hugh Stubbins, Jr., the building's architect. Stubbins winced when he heard the news. Stubbins Together they flew to New York City to confront the executive officers of Together Citicorp with the dilemma. "I have a real problem for you, sir," LeMessurier said to Citicorp's executive vice-president, John S. Reed. The two men outlined the design flaw and described their proposed solution: to systematically reinforce all 200+ bolted joints by welding twosolution: inch-thick steel plates over them. Work began immediately, and continued around the clock for three Work months. Welders worked all night, and...
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