Atkins, Passover Haggadah

blessed are you our god king of the universe who

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Unformatted text preview: is echoes the prayer said on awaking every morning when we thank God for restoring to us our soul after the unconscious-ness of sleep which could be likened to a daily rebirth. The blessing not only gives thanks that we have survived another season but, reminds us that every season, and indeed every day is a new beginning for us to play our part in furthering and fulfilling the Almighty's Grand Design. After Kiddush, the one who is conducting the Seder washes his hands (some say all those present) but without saying the usual blessing. We do this by filling a glass or other vessel with water and pouring it over the right hand and then the left, drying them on a towel. (When there are many people present it can be a good idea for the water to be brought to the table and the hands held over a bowl during the washing) in preparation for the next item. WASHING THE HANDS . " "¯ Wash the hands without making the usual blessing KARPAS ¯ ¯ .¯ , ¯ We take a small piece of the selected vegetable, less than 24 Grms...
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